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Should I accept the consolation money from the scammer and withdraw the case?

I got scammed a week ago by a woman who said that if I give this amount of money, I will have my own franchise of this brand. But it turns out that all of it was not real. And to make it short, I filed a case against her. Luckily, the police found where she was hiding. But here is the thing, she was willing to give back consolation money and will double the amount of what I have given if I back out from the case.

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    Fraudulent activity and scamming is one of the most common cases the government is trying to prevent. Since they do it in an inappropriate manner and did fool someone intentionally, it is therefore considered as crime. Scammers also violated laws which are related to fraudulent and scamming. Considering all that is happening in the country, it is better to not be blinded by money because if ever she will get away with this case, she might do it to others again.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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