Promo that will make the person with disability at ease.

My son recently fractured his elbow but we already scheduled our trip to South Korea beforehand the incident. A lot of money will be wasted if we cancel the trip because the airline where we got our tickets does not provide refunds. We have no choice but to go on the trip. I am wondering if there is a travel promo for an injured person. Although I wanted to go to the trip, I want to make sure that my son will be able to enjoy and forget about his injury.

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    Check the travel promo that has been availed because if it is in the contract, there is nothing to worry about, Most travel promo covers expenses regarding medical conditions to make sure that the customer is experiencing the best while travelling and forget about the injury.But if the contract does not say that it covers medical expenses, try talking to the company because they might take it into consideration.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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