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What are the different shield plans and how do they differ from eachother?

I've done some reading about the different ways I can use my MediSave account. I haven't used my account and I've read that I can use my MediSave topay for MediSave approved integrated shield plans. What are the main sheld plans that are apporved by MediSave and how do these plans differ from eachother?

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    You can use your mMediSave to pay for its approved shield plans. The first one is MediShield or Medishield Life. MediShield is a basic medical insurance that helps CPF members and their dependants meet large hospitalisation bills. Medishield Life replaced MediShield last 2015 and offers better protection and Payout. Then we have ElderShield. .ElderShield is a severe disability insurance scheme that provides basic financial protection to older CPF members who require long-term care.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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