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What are the incentives of Job sharing?

As an employer I want to be able to help support my PMET-level employees. What advantages and incetives can my employees get from Job sharing? I also want to know the different requirements in applying for the job sharing incentive. I also want to know the annual computation for the incentives for both my company and my employees.

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    This incentive encourages you to support PMET-level employees who adopt job sharing arrangements. The company gets upto S$35,000 over two years and the full-time PMET-level employee would get S$3,500 per year. Companies must have put in place a formal arrangement to redistribute workload amongst the employees and remunerate accordingly. The employees taking on the redistributed work can be existing employees or new hires with a minimum employment contract term of 12 months.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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