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What's the difference between claiming from WICA and claiming from Civil Lawsuit?

I was injured while working and I want to make claims. I was supposed to make claims under the common law however I;ve heard that there is a Workplace Injury Compensation acts which allows employees to make claims. What are the key differences between claiming under WICA and claiming under Common law? Where should I claim?

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    The main differences between making a WICA claim and filing a civil suit under common law are when you make claims with WICA, you do not need a lawyer, you have a compensation limit based on formula and your claim will be decided by Assistant Commissioners from the Ministry of manpower whereas if you file a civil state under common law, you will be given a lawyer but you need to pay legal fee, on the good side have limitless compensation and your claims decided by the judges from the court.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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