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If I pay my school fees through HSBC Advance credit card, do I earn cashback? if I charge my University fees (SIM) to it?

I am a student and want to know if I pay my university fees through HSBC Advance credit card, will I earn a cash back?

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    Yes I believe you can as it is an online transaction or a recurring bill. Cash backs are awarded to eligible purchase of which fees and charges including finance charges, late charges, interest charges, annual fees are considered eligible. Do note that in the case of HSBC's Balance Conversion Plan, only the total purchase amount will qualify as an Eligible Purchase in the month of purchase. The subsequent instalment amounts under the Balance Conversion Plan will not qualify as Eligible Purchases.

    2019.08.01 2:31

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Too bad it is not an unlimited cashback card

Unfortunately, the HSBC advance card is not an unlimited cashback card as they have a cap on the cashback per month, even for advance banking clients. Furthermore, if you are not an advance banking client, you would not get subsequent card fee waiver if you do not get to spend at least $12,000 in a year.

HSBC Advance Credit Card / HSBC Bank Singapore

I don't like their internet banking layout and i find it doesn't seem very friendly to me

I pretty much use this card only when I know that I will spend more than $2000 in a given month and these transaction does not earn more than 2.5% cash back in other card categories. I don't really fancy their internet banking layout as it doesn't seems very friendly to me. Therefore I always rely on the paper statement to make payment.

HSBC Advance Credit Card / HSBC Bank Singapore

It’s my card of choice especially with the 1.5% cashback across all categories

My experience with their customer service is not clement furthermore not getting back to me on the queries I had highlighted but overall, it’s my card of choice especially with the 1.5% cashback across all categories, which allows me to buy discounted Golden Village Tickets and have access to HSBC 1 to 1 Dining deals. Until another credit card offers a greater than 1.5% cashback across all categories without a time frame, this is the card I am sticking to now.

HSBC Advance Credit Card / HSBC Bank Singapore

This is a good cashback credit card for those who have high spending amount every month

I am a low spender hence it may not be easy for me to clock $500 monthly expenditure on credit cards but this is actually a good cashback card at 2.5%, especially where you spend above $2,000. Otherwise, other cards will be a better alternative to this for smaller purchases. This is a good cashback credit card for those who have high spending amount every month. My father uses it to pay for insurance premium as it gives cashback for insurance premium too.

HSBC Advance Credit Card / HSBC Bank Singapore

When I signed up for this card I got $100 vouchers for it

I only just recently purchased this card. There are a lot of rebates features that come with the card, some I am still getting familiar with which I can use to offset my next purchases. When I signed up for this card I got $100 vouchers for it. However there are yet still a lot of promotions going on for this card.

HSBC Advance Credit Card / HSBC Bank Singapore

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Customer care service at top notch

This is my first credit card and I was pleased with the process as the application was absolutely stress free and smooth with customer care service at top notch. I actually felt taken care of and it appeared I could rely on customer care service for virtually any issue. Plus they have a simple tracking system of cashback rewards, with a good App and web UI/UX.

American Express True Cashback Card / American Express International

Great customer service officers

I have had this card for a long while. The good thing with the card is that AMEX have been waiving my annual fees which is probably why I still have the card. The pros with this card include – Great customer service officers that are friendly and will do their best to help you with prompt follow ups, direct credit of miles to your Krisflyer account, many small promos every few months with a fantastic sign up promo, no minimum spending and perfect for concert lovers as AMEX offers priority to provide tickets.

American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Ascend Credit Card / American Express International

This card gives me $80 cash rebates every month.

I fancy the OCBC 365 credit because it has cash rebate of $80, but only after you full fill their criteria. They require a minimum spending of $800 per month which in turn earns interest from different spending. This card suits me just fine being that I have broad spending habit and in the process it gives me $80 cash rebates every month. My only dislike is the rebate on the general spending which is 0.3%.

OCBC 365 Credit Card / Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation

Pleasant Rewards

In my opinion, this card is one of the best cards in the market especially as there are no expiry date to miles earned and an amazing 2 VIP airport lounge access. I love the fact that the card can be used for major big ticket items and to clock mileage. Redemption can be done easily without hassle and customer service staff are very helpful

Citi PremierMiles Visa Card / Citibank Singapore

Poor Customer Service

I am quite very disappointed with this card as I have never received the vouchers for all the points I have accumulated so far. I have on several occasions made complaints via the phone and even in person, but all to no avail. I would not recommend this card to anyone for this reason, i have to say unfortunately.

Citi Rewards Card / Citibank Singapore

40,000 Membership Rewards points to refer a friends to the card

I like the idea that I can receive 40,000 Membership Rewards points when I get to successfully refer any of my friends to the card. Even more so as my friends can also receive 40,000 Membership Rewards points upon spend of S$5,000 in the first 3 months of their Card Membership. I think that is pretty much a win-win situation.

American Express Platinum Card / American Express International