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Will money be worthless in the future?

What is the value of money, would we ever get to a point where we don’t need it or it becomes worthless to us?

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    In my personal opinion, money is essentially just a medium of exchange with respect to the current perceptions of the value it represents. Due to inflation, what is worth $10 today may only be worth $5 in the future. Therefore if one day $ notes were to be replace by Cryptocurrency, it will be worthless and Cryptocurrency will be the future medium of exchange with the same current perceptions of the value it represents. So as central bank can print money, they can also create Cryptocurrency. It all goes back to the law of Supply and Demand. However from another perspective, your money will be worthless in the future unless you grow it. Starting a business or investing early are a few ways to increase and maintain the value of your bank account. Since one of the characteristics of money is storing value, I believe that the precious value we worked and earned hard for should at least be inherited as a generational wealth. Real assets like an actual plot of land is a good example of a stored value. But it cannot be a good example of a medium of exchange.

    2019.08.01 18:0

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