Shopped online and I've been receiving goods that have been damaged, how do I return these?

I like to shop online because its less hassle for me, the problem is I usually receive damaged items and I don't know how to return them, the sellers don't usually answer back on how the whole process works and I've been meaning to take them back but I don't know where or who to contact, has anyone have this problem or is it just me, please if you've found a solution let me know

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    There are a few ways of handling this, either you can open up a package immediately and check for damages so that you can give the package back to the delivery service so that they may contact the seller on the matter, or you can go contact the company responsible for selling the merchandise, these contact infos are usually present in the website or fan page, they usually take it back and provide you with another model but it will probably take some time to do so

    2020.03.24 15:44

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