My sibling broke an appliances in the department store.

We were strolling in the department store in a mall with my younger siblings. It is our bonding moment to stroll in the malls here in SIngapore. We do not usually go out because I am busy with my work. Now while we are strolling, my brother suddenly broke something in the department store by accident. Can the stores insurance cover the damage that has been done?

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    It is a good thing to stroll around with your family on malls. You are having your bonding that you have wanted for a long time. But there are times that we can occur an accident. Like breaking a figurine or damaging a painting. The mall usually has policies that covers the damages that have occured. Usually in the department stores, there are signages like "if you break it, you pay for it".

    2020.03.24 15:44

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