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My Singapore Employment pass just got approved, what are the next steps to follow?

Who can point out the steps to follow after my Employment Pass to Singapore is approved, what documentation, currency exchange, flight booking and accommodation are to be followed?

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    Congratulations! Once you have gotten your EP approved which should come in an approval letter (IPA), you can begin actually to move. Your IPA should include a one-way entry visa to Singapore, essential to step foot into the country. Next should be your transportation to Singapore (flight ticket). Usually, the company should fly you out or reimburse you. Pack what you need immediately when you arrive in Singapore, for normal life and for your job. Find a good shipping company and ship the rest over. No need to take sundry items along as you can buy them for reasonable prices at the various neighbourhood supermarkets to set up your kitchen, bathroom etc. Living in Singapore can be expensive, so you should start your search even before you arrive there by shortlisting suitable places - either a flat share, or your own place. Singapore has two types of housing basically which are the private (condos) and Govt. (HDBs), condos however tend to be more expensive. HDBs are Govt. subsidized houses for Singaporeans which routinely go on rent. You may choose to stay in a serviced apartment for a few months while you search for a perfect place. Find out where your office is and the metro line you will be using and search for houses on that metro line stations. The closer your apartment is to the city centre, the more expensive the rent will be. Do a lot of googling to learn as much as you can about Singapore and when you finally arrive do a lot of integration into the culture. Congratulations once again.

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