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Relocating from Singapore to London, any advice?

I am considering relocating to London from Singapore. What are some of the advice and tips you can offer?

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    To be better prepared, you will need the sort of information that can only be gotten from persons who have actually lived there. First off, will you be renting or buying? If renting, go through an agency, but check their fees. If buying, wait a couple of months to figure out which part of London you will enjoy living in and operating from. When using the tube, stand on the right, move up & down the escalator on the left. Avoid using your Singapore card to touch as an Oyster replacement because the currency change will cost you. Get a UK card for the purpose. When shopping avoid tourist streets and popular stores on weekends unless you can handle the crowds. Many restaurants/bars run happy hours on weekdays Thursday especially and rarely on weekends. Don’t bother with paid attractions, instead go for the free galleries, museums and parks which are equally wonderful.

    2019.08.01 18:0

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