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I am a retired school security guard and diagnosed with a cancer, is there any help that I could get from my former workplace?

I have been working for 25 years in this company that my friend referred to me. I like being a security guard there and now that I am retired I am enjoying my life. I felt dizzy the other night and night and I keep getting headaches. I went to the doctor to get a check up and then I got diagnosed with cancer. Can my old company help me with this situation?

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    When people are retired they tend to relax, go on a vacation or even just spend money. They do not expect to be sick. In the situations of this security guard, he has cancer. Not everyone is diagnosed with this. It is not just a simple illness that can be cured with antibiotics. It should be treated properly. If you have insurance your insurance can cover your expenses. If the contract from your formal company has written that you can still use your benefits after you retired, then you can avail that.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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