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My father owes a lot to bunch of people.

I am a third year college student who is studying hard for me to finish my degree. My father is the only one who is providing for our family. Me and my little sister are all he have. He works hard and loans from a lot people for me to finish my degree. Then one time debt collectors came to look for my father. They talked a lot and saw my father cry. Are the debt collectors gonna punish my father? Am I gonna stop studying?

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    Parents must do their best to provide the needs of their children. The basic needs are food, water, shelter, clothes, and education. In the situation of the father. The debt collector must have threatened him for the debts that he have. The debt collector can oly threaten him but cannot litteraly harass them. Your father is safe and just continue to study hard to pay off your debts

    2020.03.24 15:44

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