Will my husband be able to walk again?

On the way home, my husband was driving, but after a while, there was another car which is super fast. It hits my husbands car. Fortunately enough, both of them did not get too much damage. But my husband who was trying to get out of the car has been trapped. It causes a fracture in his ankle. His feet was still casted and it has been three months already after the incident happened.

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    Your husband will still be able to walk after the ankle has been fully healed. It will soon recover from the injury with the help of the cast. And after removing the cast, he will be required to be with an equipment that will help him walk. He might also be required to go under specific weight-bearing restrictions. Even though the fracture was mended, the ligaments and tendons inside will take a longer time to heal. It can take up to two years before he can walk again without feeling the pain.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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