How do I notify the Ministry of Manpower about the retraction of my employees?

I am in need of retrenching my employees. According to the Employment Act, I am required to notify the Ministry of Manpower before I retrench my employees otherwise I would be given an administrative punishment which would not only hurt my reputation but also the company's reputation. What should I do to properly notify the Ministry of Manpower about the retrenchment?

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    In order to submit a retrenchment notification, you need to prepare the company name and unique entry number. You also need to provide the company contact person's details and the name of union and whether the union was consulted if the company is unionised. The details of the employees to be retrenched and the number of employees on the date you submit the retrenchment notification to MOM is also required. Lastly, Payment of retrenchment benefits and quantum, and the provision of employment facilitation assistance is required.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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