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Every dollar spent earns you points

SAFRA DBS Card ensures that every dollar spent at participating outlets and facilities at SAFRA earns card users 1 SAFRAPOINT in addition to the Credit/Debit cash rebates the also offer. I realise that their rewards programme also offers a wide range of attractive products, services and vouchers from which you are free to choose your redemption item from.

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    All cash rebate will only be awarded with a minimum spend of $500 each month

    This card offers a 3% cash rebate on online shopping with 3% cash rebate on local MasterCard contactless transactions. All cash rebate will only be awarded with a minimum spend of $500 each month and your cash rebate will be issued in the form of SAFRA$ and is capped at a maximum of SAFRA$50 per card account per calendar month. Note that SAFRA$1 is equivalent to S$1

    SAFRA DBS Card / DBS Bank

    This credit card gives 3% on selected merchants and 0.3% on the other merchants as long as a SAFRA member card

    This is an all in one card of sort which I use to get cash from the ATM and my Ezlink card for when I am travelling. The credit card gives me 3% on selected merchants and 0.3% on the other merchants as long as a SAFRA member card. This is certainly one of the best cards to have with plenty of activities at SAFRA for my family. To crown it all, there is no need to call to get a fee waiver as its automatic waived for SAFRA members.

    SAFRA DBS Card / DBS Bank

    Hit the minimum target of $600 to maximise your cashback.

    Considering that I don't spend very much it is hard for me to meet the minimum spend to maximise my cashback on this card but irrespective, it's currently the best card for me since I'm using the DBS Multiplier account and I get extra interest when I spend on DBS credit cards. It is also quite a useful card to use when you are about to go on holiday to make hotel bookings and payment online. You should look to hit the minimum $600 to maximise your cashback.

    DBS Live Fresh Card / DBS Bank

    Cool card that is all about rebates and more rebates

    This card is perfect for my everyday use, starting from the 15% cash rebates on dining, bus and MRT rides, the 5% cash rebates when I decide to shop at Sheng Siong and 3% cash rebates at Watsons. It is a good card to have overall and actually one of the best cashback credit cards for cash rebates at Sheng Siong, Watsons and SPC petrol kiosks.

    POSB Everyday Card / DBS Bank

    A rewardiing 0.5% rebate on all card spends

    Although a 0.5% voucher rebate sounds like it’s not that exciting but when you consider that it is a 0.5% rebate on all card spend, that is all your shopping, dining and other card spend turned into voucher rebates to offset your shopping at Takashimaya Department Store, then it begins to make more sense as a deal. Plus you can redeem S$10 Takashimaya Shopping Voucher with every S$2000 spent outside Takashimaya Department Store per quarter.

    DBS Takashimaya VISA Card / DBS Bank

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