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What are CP cards for WSH professionals and Competent Persons?

I am registered under the Ministry of Manpower and I want to increase my professionalism. I've heard that there is a CP card that is given to a Competent person. I've also heard that there are improved features. I want to know more about thiis card and the eligibility to obtain this card. I want to kno if i am Competent enought to get one.

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    the Competent Persons who who can get the card.The card is developed to raise the professionalism of MOM-registered Competent Persons and enhance the card's security and durability. The new card has been updated in its design and security features against potential forgery. It is made of PVC material for better durability and quality. Authorised Examiners, Authorised Examiners, Crane Operators, Designated Workplace Doctors, Workplace Safety and Health Auditors, and Workplace Safety and Health Officers are

    2020.03.24 15:44

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