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After having lost all money in Stock Trading what will I do? Because now I don't have money to eat anything.

A dream was mine since childhood that I’ll become a rich man by getting big. Therefore I started to invest money in Stock Trading constantly. And after some moment, I invested all my money in Stock Trading. I was starting to feel that now I'll be able to become a rich man. But one day, when I get up from sleep so suddenly I get one news. Which changed my whole life. That was news that all my money has been lost in Stock Trading. Now I have no money to eat.

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    It's okay!! No problem, you want to become a rich man but so you can't become a rich man without failure. Because one success’ rule that till then failure doesn't get till then doesn't get success. Hence get up again and try again with attention fully and get success by fighting with your bad situation. Because you lost only money you didn't lose your intentions and your goal. Hence you did start from where. Again from the same where you can start with your dreams. You can build a small business by generating money and you can buy shares. And slowly-slowly you can become king of the Stock Trading. If inside your fire to become a rich and successful man.

    2019.08.01 18:0

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