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My best friend is going to suicide because of money. So should I give money to him? But at this moment, I don't have any money except my new car.

As soon as I get to know that my best friend is doing suicide. So I stopped him and I rescued him. So I asked him why is he going to do suicide? So he said that … his' wife became cancer because of which she is in hospital. And should money $25000 dollar to her treatment. Then he started to seek money from me. But I don't have any money except my new car. Who I took right now. So what do I?

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    I think and from my idea, this isn't a good question. Because there isn't any sense in this question. Because you know very well that what should you do at this moment. But you aren't clear what should you do. Let's I narrate one short story to clear your confusion. I was sitting in my balcony. Only then my eyes get gone in front of the garden. On where a lot of children were playing with each other. Only then I noticed on two children who were best friends to each other. I saw that a dog started to bark on one boy to eat chocolate who that boy was eating. So then friend of him given his chocolate to that dog for doing save his friend. So 5-years old that boy has sacrificed his chocolate to keep save his friend. So then you're younger man. So you can think about what you have to do. Just sell your car and help his best friend. Because it's the question of someone's life.

    2019.08.01 18:0

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