I have debts that need to be paid would it be a good idea for me to use a personal loan in order to pay these debts?

I am in a stable job with two credit cards that have quite the debt under their belts one is due this month and the other hasn't reached its limit though I figured would it be okay if I had a personal loan done in order for me to be able to pay these debts, would that be a good idea or should I not risk the money and interest rate?

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    Just as long as the interest rates are not that high and that loan isn't going to be lasting long without it being paid, then I say it is a matter of priority of whether you should get a loan because if all else fails and you fail to pay the loan immediately, the interest rates will get you otherwise and you will be under twice the amount of debt that you started with, ofcourse it can be helped just as long as you responsibly find out the set backs of having a personal loan and if you are able to handle of paying the said loan when the need arrives

    2020.03.24 15:44

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