As an entrepreneur, I am discreet with money. What can I do if my business partner defraud me?

I inherit my family's business along with our family name. We are the owner of the leading company in industrial hardware. But then a friend of mine decided to buy shares from my company and it is almost half of all our assets. But then he also decided to ran away with it and take away almost half of my family's wealth.

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    First is to seek assistance to a lawyer and debt collector. You must conduct a profiling of your business partner and file a civil claim in the court. It follows the normal civil litigation process represented by your lawyer.  You lawyer will usually profile your debtor to determine your chances of getting your money back and the best strategy of doing so. He should also advise on the economic viability of proceeding with the cases. He also will file a letter of demand then the cost of your case will depend on the compexity of your case.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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