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What actions are need to be taken in case a teenager accidentally hurt his classmate?

I am an assistant teacher in a secondary school. I was tasked to teach students for the whole week as their teacher has prior commitments out of the town. I went to the comfort room for some minutes while I left them with a written task. When I came back I saw a hurt student and he has a bruise in his arm. He said that his other classmate punched him as they tease him.

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    There are a lot of teachers here in Singapore. Most of them are well knowned. There are some cases that students bully each other. There are different kinds of bullying that happens on todays time. There are cyber, physical, verbal,sexual, prejudicial, and relational bullying. There are laws against bullying. The one who had been bullying should be talked by their parents or the authorities if they are an adult.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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