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The company wants me to experiment on the new products

I have been in the marketing area here in our company. It has been five years since I was employed, every 2 years our head manager is being replaced. We just got our new manager and he seems to be unfamiliar with the etiquette of work here. There is a new product that has been released to us. The new manager does not know what to do about it and just gave it to us. We only do our jobs as our head manager tells us. We do not have any idea about this product so we are gonna do our best.

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    In businesses, things can easily get forgotten because new products always arise. The head of the department should know the details of the product so that their team will be able to do their jobs well and make the company on the chart. In this situation, the head of the department is new and does not know how things are done. It is a trial for the subordinates because it is something new to them. Orient the manager for him to cope up how things are done there.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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