Middleman to contact all the person in debt

A lot of person was not able to pay their taxes on time. I am a tax collector and since I do not want to go to them and will collect nothing, I wanted to hire a middleman that will go to every person that needs to pay. He will be like a notice or reminder to them to prepare the money, so that when I go there, I will not be wasting my time.

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    Although it is nice to have a person who will be in charge of the notice, if you are going to think about it, you have a variety of choices. There is social media nowadays that can be used as a platform to communicate with the ones in debt. It will also be less hassle to use social media, plus you do not need to pay someone to do some tasks for you. But if the middleman you're going to use is someone that you trust so much, then it is still up to you.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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