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What are the obligations of my current employer and my new employer?

I am being transfered to another employer. This is my first time encountering this and I have no experience with this situation. I've done some reading and I know my rights during the process however I also want to know the responsibilities of my current employer and the responsibilities of my new employer.

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    You current employers obligations are to notify you of the impending transfer at a reasonable time, inform you on the terms of transfer so you and your union can hold a conversation, ensure that there is no break of employment during transfer and ensure that the new terms are not less favorable. Your new employer's obligations are to inform the previous employer of matters that will affect you, so they can inform you within a reasonable period., take over the previous employer’s rights, powers, duties and liabilities which are part of any contract or agreement with you and keep the terms and conditions unchanged unless you allow the changes.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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