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How do I recover my employees share of CPF contributions?

It is understandable that as an emplooyer, I need to pay for the CPF contributions. I also need to collect my employees CPF contribution. How can I collect my eployees CPF contributions? In case I can't recover my employees CPF contributions, what should I do to recover their CPF contributions? What are the proper terms to do so?

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    You can recover your employee’s share by deducting it from their wages when the contributions are paid for that month..If you did not recover the money by then, and it was not due to negligence, you can still do so provided that you paid the CPF contributions, forwarded your employee’s written consent to the Board, or obtained the Board’s written permission. You need to recover the employee’s share within 6 months of the time the contributions should have been recovered.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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