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How do I ascertain what Merchant Category Code (MCC) the merchant I want to transact with my Citi Rewards Card falls under?

Also what is the maximum amount of rewards that I can earn on 10X Rewards merchants/transactions on my Citi Rewards Card?

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    Generally, a Merchant Category Code (MCC) is a four digit number assigned to a merchant/business by the merchant’s acquiring bank. The acquiring bank usually provides the credit card payment facilities used by the merchant and it determines and applies with respect to the account, the MCC which in its view best describes the merchant activity. Citibank does not determine the merchant’s MCC. You may want to check with the merchant on the MCC they are assigned to. Eligible cardholders will earn 10X Points for every S$1 charged (every S$1 charged = 10 Points) in respect of an S$1 charge at a 10X Points Eligible Transaction, up to a cap of 10,000 Points per statement month. Points are calculated based on the amount of each 10X Points Eligible Transaction, rounded down to the nearest Point. After the cap of 10,000 Points per statement month is reached, continue to earn 1X Reward for every S$1 charged. There is no cap on 1X Reward that an eligible cardholder can earn.

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Poor Customer Service

I am quite very disappointed with this card as I have never received the vouchers for all the points I have accumulated so far. I have on several occasions made complaints via the phone and even in person, but all to no avail. I would not recommend this card to anyone for this reason, i have to say unfortunately.

Citi Rewards Card / Citibank Singapore

10X Rewards points on shopping all year long, either online, offline or overseas

My mother has been using this Citibank rewards card for many years and says what she loves about it is the 10X Rewards points on her shopping all year long, either it be online, offline or overseas. It simple makes her shopping more rewarding. Plus Citibank has an amazing range of merchandise for her to redeem using her rewards points, her favourite being to use her reward points to get Takashimaya vouchers which has no expire date to it too.

Citi Rewards Card / Citibank Singapore

Prompt and hassle free in annual fee waiver and late payment finance charges

Citibank has generally been very prompt and hassle free in waiving annual fee and also late payment finance charges. Additionally it is the best in the market right now when paired with Apple Pay to give 20x Citi Dollars, with no cap, and 10x Citi Dollars on a good range of stuff. This is my number one card of choice right now, and if you have an iPhone, I highly recommend adding this card into your Apple wallet right now.

Citi Rewards Card / Citibank Singapore

Bonus points are capped at $12,000 worth of spending per year

I hate to cast a dark shadow on this card but the only downside i notice is that bonus points are capped at $12,000 worth of spending per year, while points across all Citi cards don't pool, but please let that not be a reason to avoid the card as the benefits greatly outweigh the costs and I strongly recommend this card if you want to gain miles at an unbelievable speed.

Citi Rewards Card / Citibank Singapore

I am yet to receive the vouchers for all the points accumulated so far

I really regret that I had chosen this card in the first place as it is not what I bargained for. I have actually never received the so-called vouchers for all the points I accumulated so far, even after I have raised the issue several times over the phone and even in person. Sadly all my efforts have been to no avail. This is bye-bye for me and any Citibank credit cards again.

Citi Rewards Card / Citibank Singapore

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I can enjoy Interest rates starting from 5.80% p.a.

I love that I can enjoy Interest rates starting from 5.80% p.a. (EIR 11.38% p.a.) on their 12-month instalment plan which allows for fixed monthly repayments.The monthly repayment for your Cash-on-Instalments is fixed, allowing you to manage your finances with ease of mind. That works perfect for me as it helps me to be more organized and I give them thumbs up.

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Protection of up to 90 days for online purchases

The delivered on the promise of purchase Protection of up to 90 days when ensured reimbursement on an eligible online purchases I made with my Amex Express Gold Card. Irrespective where you buy online or shopping at the local supermarket, their Purchase Protection offers repair, replacement or reimbursement on eligible purchases made with the Card, that has been damaged or stolen within 90 days of purchase.

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Complimentary Night Stay a Success

Very impressed by the complimentary night stay I got after I made bookings for a five nights stay at a resort I spent my birthday at in Malaysia. Even more pleasing was the complimentary golf games at a high quality golf courses in Malaysia. As a matter of fact, I had as much as six complementary golf games.

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When I apply via MyInfoget I get to use my card instantly

So it is really convenient that I can get and use my card instantly when I apply via MyInfo. And the cards instant digital card that can be used for mobile wallets, online and mobile app purchases. Now aside from the same day physical credit card issuance for online applications you also get S$50 cash rebate upon approval with no minimum spend required. However that is only for new OCBC Credit Card applications.

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Spa privileges that come with card membership

I find it very pleasant and rewarding the Platinum Wellness offerings of the AMEX Express Platinum Credit Card as I get to rest and replenish after a hard week at work. I treat myself to spa privileges that come with my Card Membership with spa vouchers from Adeva Spa, Spa Rael and The Ultimate. I do this one’s a week and enjoy up to 40% off à la carte spa services at Adeva Spa, Spa Rael and The Ultimate. Simply relaxing and feels good to be pampered.

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Spend S$1,500 in the first 3 months to receive 24,000 Membership Rewards points

The welcome bonus with this card is quite mouth-watering. Simply spend S$1,500 in the first 3 months to receive 24,000 Membership Rewards points. That you will find to be enough points to redeem for S$110 cash credit. Plus you can see the points add up with 100% bonus points on all spend in your first 3 months of Card Membership. I have been using this card now for 6 months and am yet to find reasons to complain.

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