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Poor Customer Service

I am quite very disappointed with this card as I have never received the vouchers for all the points I have accumulated so far. I have on several occasions made complaints via the phone and even in person, but all to no avail. I would not recommend this card to anyone for this reason, i have to say unfortunately.

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    10X Rewards points on shopping all year long, either online, offline or overseas

    My mother has been using this Citibank rewards card for many years and says what she loves about it is the 10X Rewards points on her shopping all year long, either it be online, offline or overseas. It simple makes her shopping more rewarding. Plus Citibank has an amazing range of merchandise for her to redeem using her rewards points, her favourite being to use her reward points to get Takashimaya vouchers which has no expire date to it too.

    Citi Rewards Card / Citibank Singapore

    Prompt and hassle free in annual fee waiver and late payment finance charges

    Citibank has generally been very prompt and hassle free in waiving annual fee and also late payment finance charges. Additionally it is the best in the market right now when paired with Apple Pay to give 20x Citi Dollars, with no cap, and 10x Citi Dollars on a good range of stuff. This is my number one card of choice right now, and if you have an iPhone, I highly recommend adding this card into your Apple wallet right now.

    Citi Rewards Card / Citibank Singapore

    Bonus points are capped at $12,000 worth of spending per year

    I hate to cast a dark shadow on this card but the only downside i notice is that bonus points are capped at $12,000 worth of spending per year, while points across all Citi cards don't pool, but please let that not be a reason to avoid the card as the benefits greatly outweigh the costs and I strongly recommend this card if you want to gain miles at an unbelievable speed.

    Citi Rewards Card / Citibank Singapore

    I am yet to receive the vouchers for all the points accumulated so far

    I really regret that I had chosen this card in the first place as it is not what I bargained for. I have actually never received the so-called vouchers for all the points I accumulated so far, even after I have raised the issue several times over the phone and even in person. Sadly all my efforts have been to no avail. This is bye-bye for me and any Citibank credit cards again.

    Citi Rewards Card / Citibank Singapore

    Pleasant Rewards

    In my opinion, this card is one of the best cards in the market especially as there are no expiry date to miles earned and an amazing 2 VIP airport lounge access. I love the fact that the card can be used for major big ticket items and to clock mileage. Redemption can be done easily without hassle and customer service staff are very helpful

    Citi PremierMiles Visa Card / Citibank Singapore

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