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I've $5000 dollar and through it, I want to build a billion dollars company. But how will it happen?

Since childhood, my one dream is that I do become a rich man by getting big. I mean 21-23 age in between, therefore I want to open a billion-dollar company. So that I could become a rich man. But at this moment, I've only $5000 dollar. So then what am I able to open billion dollars a company. If yes, so then how?

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    Yes, you can become a rich man, in it no doubt. If you want to become really rich man. And if inside you is fire to go ahead. Money isn't everything. Please keep it always in your mind that someone doesn't become a rich man from money. Because to become a rich man only must need focus passion and constantly trying. These are the keys of success. You've $5000 dollar right! So you can start something like this your success journey. First of all, you buy one best laptop something of $1000 dollar. And then you start to learn programming languages. You can learn online easily free of cost or paid. These both way is depending on you. After that, you make an epic software to solve a big problem of this world. And then see, your billion-dollar software company how does stand. Trust me, the biggest rich man of the whole world Mr. Bill Gates did start something like.

    2019.08.01 18:0

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