WHat is the cheapest unlimited mobile data plan in Singapore?

I'm looking for an unlimited mobile data plan that is cheap and reliable. I already have one which offers me Unlimited data and unlimited call and SMS but I'm currently on a budget and I don;t really call or send SMS so I'm looking for a low priced but reliable unlimited mobile data plan with adequate speed.

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    There are several companies that offer what you need. The cheapest so far is Zero1 however once you reach 1GB of usage then the speed would go down. Circle Life's Base plan would be the best one to invest your money on because not only does it offer unlimited mobile data with decent speed but it also offers 25SMS and 100min call time with a free caller ID. There are better plans but they would cost more than the two mentioned.

    2020.03.24 15:44
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      2020.06.10 12:19

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