This is one of those rare online shopping cashback cards with no minimum spend

This is one of those rare online shopping cashback cards with no minimum spend. However, you shouldn’t use this card for online travel bookings as it’s excluded from the online category. Also, when buying movie tickets or fast food online, your spending could come under online shopping rather than their original spend categories, for which you will earn 2.7% for a total spend below $300 or 3% for a total spend above $300. If monthly spending is at least $300, you enjoy up to 3% savings on online shopping 2.7% + 0.3% that is if monthly card spend is at least $300.

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    The main drawback with this card is that it doesn’t reward for more extravagant expenses in life

    Citibank SMRT Card / Citibank Singapore

    That’s where the Citibank SMRT Card stands out from the pack as this is a card for average Singaporeans who are not interested in cultivating a lifestyle to impress their peers, and also for young and budget-conscious families it also works as an all-purpose cashback credit card. The main drawback is that it doesn’t really reward you for some of the more extravagant expenses in life. For instance, air tickets and hotel stays are quietly excluded from their cashback offer for online shopping, as are all restaurant dining and entertainment.

    The card automatically comes with EZ-Reload enabled on it

    Citibank SMRT Card / Citibank Singapore

    When you get the card, it will automatically have EZ-Reload enabled on it. There’s no convenience fee for EZ-Reload auto top-up transactions, and you can get up to 1.7% or 2% (if you hit the min. spend of $300) in rebates. It used to be that one can exchange the SMRT$ (rebate) for vouchers to top up the EZ-Link card, but they stopped that. Now can only can use it to exchange other kind of vouchers like Giant and Popular.

    The card allows for the exchanging of the rebate for cash rebate

    Citibank SMRT Card / Citibank Singapore

    Lately I noticed that the card allows for the exchanging of the rebate for cash rebate. This to me is the actual crowd pleaser as compared to exchanging for vouchers at shops that I don’t want to shop at in the first place. The cash rebate has to be done via SMS anyway and you can glance their product page for the exact details.

    Pleasant Rewards

    Citi PremierMiles Visa Card / Citibank Singapore

    In my opinion, this card is one of the best cards in the market especially as there are no expiry date to miles earned and an amazing 2 VIP airport lounge access. I love the fact that the card can be used for major big ticket items and to clock mileage. Redemption can be done easily without hassle and customer service staff are very helpful

    Poor Customer Service

    Citi Rewards Card / Citibank Singapore

    I am quite very disappointed with this card as I have never received the vouchers for all the points I have accumulated so far. I have on several occasions made complaints via the phone and even in person, but all to no avail. I would not recommend this card to anyone for this reason, i have to say unfortunately.