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Do I have Access to MasterCard Airport Experiences as a new CIMB World Masterclass user?

As a CIMB World MasterCard card member can I enjoy access to MasterCard airport experiences, and what other travel benefits do I stand to enjoy?

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    Yes as a CIMB World MasterCard Card member, you can enjoy exclusive access to MasterCard Airport Experiences provided by LoungeKey – all through one seamless, easy-to use mobile app. You get access to over 1,000 lounges in over 500 airports worldwide with discount offers at dining, spa and retail outlets from selected exclusive airport merchants. Simply download the MasterCard Airport Experiences app on your mobile device and register your CIMB World MasterCard to start enjoying. To access participating lounges, you will have to present your CIMB World MasterCard or your digital lounge access code, together with your boarding pass and identify yourself as a LoungeKey member. On the other hand to redeem dining, spa or retail offers, just select your preferred offer, generate an offer code and present the valid offer code to the merchant to redeem the offer.

    2019.08.01 4:16

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