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How do I earn more STAR$ using the American Express CapitaCard?

Who can tell me how I can earn more STAR$ when I spend using my American Express CapitaCard and what do I stand to gain by referring my friends?

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    You get to earn when you Spend In CapitaLand Malls as much as 5 STAR$ for every S$1 spend. Additional 10 STAR$ will be awarded on eligible purchases of goods and services in blocks of S$1, on a cumulative basis at the end of every calendar month, capped at S$1,200 per calendar month at participating merchants in participating CapitaLand Malls. You can also get to earn an additional 10X STAR$ at participating dining and retail outlets across participating Capitaland Malls. Receive 50 STAR$ for every S$1 spent on your American Express CapitaCard – this is on top of the 3X STAR$ that you earn across participating merchants at CapitaLand Malls. As for referrals, you receive 50,000 STAR$ when you successfully refer a friend and your friend receives 50,000 STAR$ upon spend of S$50 in the first 3 months of Card Membership.

    2019.08.01 5:34

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Close to 6.5% rebates on dining

I have held this card for quite a long time and one thing I like about the card is the fact that it is used for CapitaLand malls and they are almost everywhere. So I enjoy dining taking advantage of the 10x rewards merchants to accumulate the points faster. Imagine getting close to 6.5% rebates on dining. Not to forget their sign up bonus of $60 rebates in vouchers when you spend $1,500. That's a 4% rebate excluding the points you will earn which will convert into vouchers too.

American Express CapitaCard / American Express International

I received $20 CapitaVouchers as the sign up bonus,

The American express CapitaCard is my first credit card and I find the sign up bonus attractive as I received $20 CapitaVouchers, which come in the form of STAR$ after being referred by my friend while my friend would receive S$30 CapitaVouchers also in the form of STAR$ after referring to me. Besides that, you can get to earn STAR$ points when shopping at Capitalmalls.

American Express CapitaCard / American Express International

Good for families that spend most of their time in capitaland mall for the free carpark

I feel this card is only worth its onions because of the sign up bonus. However subsequently, it might be good for families that spend most of their time in capitaland mall for the "free carpark". Pretty much this card offers features that revolve your life around capitaland malls and if you are not excited by that then you could try other cards. By the way this is the only credit card that can be used to purchase capita vouchers

American Express CapitaCard / American Express International

Receive a lot of capitastar points when spending with this card

It feels quite good to receive a lot of capitastar points when spending with this card, but still it is not really worth it to convert points to capitamall vouchers and other in-app deals are more value for money. I actually held this card for close to one year when Amex decided to charge me annual fee for second year and couldn't waive it because my spending wasn't high enough to justify the waiver, I converted it to the true cashback card.

American Express CapitaCard / American Express International

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Anyone here using the AMEX CapitaCard, what are your reviews about it?

American Express CapitaCard

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American Express CapitaCard

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Protection of up to 90 days for online purchases

The delivered on the promise of purchase Protection of up to 90 days when ensured reimbursement on an eligible online purchases I made with my Amex Express Gold Card. Irrespective where you buy online or shopping at the local supermarket, their Purchase Protection offers repair, replacement or reimbursement on eligible purchases made with the Card, that has been damaged or stolen within 90 days of purchase.

American Express Gold Card / American Express International

Fee waivers and No transfe fees

The AMEX Express Singapore Airlines Solitaire PPS Credit Card gives a First Year Fee Waiver for you to enjoy and also for your supplementary card members. In addition there are no transfer fees and all the KrisFlyer miles you can earn are directly transferred automatically to your KrisFlyer account with no transfer fee. I would recommend this card for these few reasons which could really make the difference.

American Express Singapore Airlines Solitaire PPS Credit Card / American Express International

Customer care service at top notch

This is my first credit card and I was pleased with the process as the application was absolutely stress free and smooth with customer care service at top notch. I actually felt taken care of and it appeared I could rely on customer care service for virtually any issue. Plus they have a simple tracking system of cashback rewards, with a good App and web UI/UX.

American Express True Cashback Card / American Express International

5% year-round cash rebates on dining, groceries, petrol and more

For me nothing beats the 5% year-round cash rebates on dining, groceries, petrol and transport (that is taxis, ride hailing, trains and buses inclusive), locally and overseas when you spend minimum S$600 per month. And the cash rebate is capped at S$150 per month. So if you don’t drive, not to worry as you can enjoy 5% cash rebate for your transportation needs, be it a taxi ride, a booking made via ride hailing apps, or trains/buses.

HSBC Premier MasterCard / HSBC Bank Singapore

Pleasant Rewards

In my opinion, this card is one of the best cards in the market especially as there are no expiry date to miles earned and an amazing 2 VIP airport lounge access. I love the fact that the card can be used for major big ticket items and to clock mileage. Redemption can be done easily without hassle and customer service staff are very helpful

Citi PremierMiles Visa Card / Citibank Singapore

This card gives me $80 cash rebates every month.

I fancy the OCBC 365 credit because it has cash rebate of $80, but only after you full fill their criteria. They require a minimum spending of $800 per month which in turn earns interest from different spending. This card suits me just fine being that I have broad spending habit and in the process it gives me $80 cash rebates every month. My only dislike is the rebate on the general spending which is 0.3%.

OCBC 365 Credit Card / Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation