If I was to file for bankruptcy would that mean for my bank account that is currently linked to all my billing accounts?

I have no idea with what happened to my small business its dwindling down into somewhat of a hassle to manage and I don’t really have anymore funds to make up for it and I've decided to file for bankruptcy since I don’t see any more benefits that I will have from that small business would this be harder in my part to let go of the business? how sure am I that this would be approved?

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    Filing for bankruptcy will give you a fresh start to your business and remove you from all the payment needed from that business of yours but ofcourse possesion and benefits from that small business will be voided will no longer be in your hands instead it may be either sold to some other individual who is willing to pay the debts or completely stopped from existing though that may not always be the case but there is still a better chance of it being sold instead, anyway you will be able to make a fresh start but without the investment money of course, you are just given the ability to avoid paying the debts that come along with the business, filing for bankruptcy doesn't always work out it mainly involves how much money it is in debt with and how big the money that was invested in it

    2020.03.24 15:44

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