What will happen if someone unfortunately die of accident leaving his debts behind?

My uncle died in a car accident the past month. Upto this day his family mourn for him and worries about the debts he left with my aunt and his sons. His will was not given to them since his debts was the executor prioritizes it before his will be stated to them. They got their family lawyer to settle his will along with his assets and liabilities.

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    The family, including his wife (unless they have joint accounts) and sons, will not be inheriting the debts that your uncle left them. The debts of your uncle will be payable out of his estate. The executor responsible will then proceed to sell off investments and withdraw the money left in the deceased's bank accounts to pay off his debts. After settling the debts, is the time when the executor will distribute the remaining assets according to the instructions of the deceased’s will.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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