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Has anyone applied for CIMB AWSM credit card? Is it a good card Care to share the pro and cons?

Hello everyone, I will like to hear from you if you have tried the CIMB AWSM credit card and if so is it a good card, can you share some pros and cons of the card?

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    This card targets students, NSFs and the lower income earners. In my opinion it is a pretty good card for the target audience since as an NSF myself, I do not meet the minimum salary for the other better credit cards. Furthermore, it doesn't have any annual fees so I can just keep it and use it whenever I want/need to without worrying about any fees. As for DBS debit card, I believe that it requires a minimum spending of $400 which I believe most students and NSFs can't hit, and thus will be unable to qualify for the cashback. So this CIMB AWSM credit card is a good alternative for them. In a brief summary the Pros include no min income to apply for students and NSF, low entry point of $18,000 if you are under 35, better lifestyle perks with telecommunication and dining, unlimited cash back and no annual fees. The cons on the other hand include the fact that 1% is a very Low level for rebates, applicant must not be an existing CIMB Credit Card member, which I find to be quite odd anyway. In summary, you can get the card if you do not meet the minimum income requirements of a standard credit card as it offers a fuss free cash rebate program.

    2019.08.01 4:19

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