Has anyone applied for CIMB AWSM credit card? Is it a good card Care to share the pro and cons?

Hello everyone, I will like to hear from you if you have tried the CIMB AWSM credit card and if so is it a good card, can you share some pros and cons of the card?

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    This card targets students, NSFs and the lower income earners. In my opinion it is a pretty good card for the target audience since as an NSF myself, I do not meet the minimum salary for the other better credit cards. Furthermore, it doesn't have any annual fees so I can just keep it and use it whenever I want/need to without worrying about any fees. As for DBS debit card, I believe that it requires a minimum spending of $400 which I believe most students and NSFs can't hit, and thus will be unable to qualify for the cashback. So this CIMB AWSM credit card is a good alternative for them. In a brief summary the Pros include no min income to apply for students and NSF, low entry point of $18,000 if you are under 35, better lifestyle perks with telecommunication and dining, unlimited cash back and no annual fees. The cons on the other hand include the fact that 1% is a very Low level for rebates, applicant must not be an existing CIMB Credit Card member, which I find to be quite odd anyway. In summary, you can get the card if you do not meet the minimum income requirements of a standard credit card as it offers a fuss free cash rebate program.

    2019.08.01 4:19

    Please leave your knowledge and opinion!

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    A 5% cash rebate on fuel purchases and a 16% instant discount is a great deal for me I must say, the HSBC VISA Platinum Credit Card indeed makes driving more fun for me as i always look forward to the 16% instant discount plus 5% cash rebate on all fuel spend at Caltex and Shell stations

    When I apply via MyInfoget I get to use my card instantly

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    So it is really convenient that I can get and use my card instantly when I apply via MyInfo. And the cards instant digital card that can be used for mobile wallets, online and mobile app purchases. Now aside from the same day physical credit card issuance for online applications you also get S$50 cash rebate upon approval with no minimum spend required. However that is only for new OCBC Credit Card applications.

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    My family had a really fun time with the 10% off Siam Adventure Club Family Package Booking which came with breakfast for 2 adults and up to 2 kids with a Kids room setup in room and full access to kids activities. We even enjoyed daily evening drinks for whole family on selected menu from 5pm to 6pm.

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    I like the idea that I can receive 40,000 Membership Rewards points when I get to successfully refer any of my friends to the card. Even more so as my friends can also receive 40,000 Membership Rewards points upon spend of S$5,000 in the first 3 months of their Card Membership. I think that is pretty much a win-win situation.

    This card gives me $80 cash rebates every month.

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    I fancy the OCBC 365 credit because it has cash rebate of $80, but only after you full fill their criteria. They require a minimum spending of $800 per month which in turn earns interest from different spending. This card suits me just fine being that I have broad spending habit and in the process it gives me $80 cash rebates every month. My only dislike is the rebate on the general spending which is 0.3%.

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