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Can anyone enlighten me on how I can use my card to enjoy the benefits immediately from when I receiving the digital card?

I want to get an NTUC Plus! Visa Debit Card and would love to hear from you about the possibility using my card right from when it arrives especially for the benefits.

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    I think if you want to begin using your card immediately you should add your card into your mobile wallet like your Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay to pay for in-store purchases. You can use your card to pay for recurring bills for example your monthly utility bills and subscriptions. Aside from instant approvals and instant Online Banking set up, there are more benefits like, Instant digital card issuance, Get cash instantly from your line of credit and you can get cash disbursed instantly into your designated bank account.

    2019.08.01 5:13

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Protection of up to 90 days for online purchases

The delivered on the promise of purchase Protection of up to 90 days when ensured reimbursement on an eligible online purchases I made with my Amex Express Gold Card. Irrespective where you buy online or shopping at the local supermarket, their Purchase Protection offers repair, replacement or reimbursement on eligible purchases made with the Card, that has been damaged or stolen within 90 days of purchase.

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Close to 6.5% rebates on dining

I have held this card for quite a long time and one thing I like about the card is the fact that it is used for CapitaLand malls and they are almost everywhere. So I enjoy dining taking advantage of the 10x rewards merchants to accumulate the points faster. Imagine getting close to 6.5% rebates on dining. Not to forget their sign up bonus of $60 rebates in vouchers when you spend $1,500. That's a 4% rebate excluding the points you will earn which will convert into vouchers too.

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Complimentary Night Stay a Success

Very impressed by the complimentary night stay I got after I made bookings for a five nights stay at a resort I spent my birthday at in Malaysia. Even more pleasing was the complimentary golf games at a high quality golf courses in Malaysia. As a matter of fact, I had as much as six complementary golf games.

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When I apply via MyInfoget I get to use my card instantly

So it is really convenient that I can get and use my card instantly when I apply via MyInfo. And the cards instant digital card that can be used for mobile wallets, online and mobile app purchases. Now aside from the same day physical credit card issuance for online applications you also get S$50 cash rebate upon approval with no minimum spend required. However that is only for new OCBC Credit Card applications.

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Ease of use to accumulate on miles

The American Express Krisflyer Credit Card has an attractive sign up bonus and it is easy to use to accumulate on miles as no conversion into KF account is required, and monthly auto “sweeping” of miles help save in the conversion fee. I also have had good experiences with their customer care service as the call center service is absolutely awesome.

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Earn rebates in the form of cash rebates and LinkPoints by shopping at NTUC

Even as the OCBC Plus! Visa is not a cashback card, thus there is no cap, or "maximum" cash back, you get to still earn rebates in the form of cash rebates and LinkPoints by shopping at NTUC. However do note that there is a minimum spend of $500 in places outside NTUC before the full range of rebates and LinkPoints can be unlocked.

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