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Who can please share with me the features and benefits you enjoy with the CIMB Platinum MasterCard?

What features and benefits are you enjoying with the CIMB Platinum MasterCard, what benefits from your experiences will be willing to share here?

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    Well it has been a fairly good experience with CIMB Platinum MasterCard I must say and not meaning to praise them more than is needful but what beats a 10% Cashback On Wine & Dine? I am a family man and it makes me feel good to be able to treat my family to scrumptious dinners or embracing the nightlife to the fullest. Basically your card will give you an incredible 10% cashback on your expenses even when you use your card for taxi rides and petrol. 10% Cashback on Travel in Foreign Currency when you purchase your flights and hotel stays in foreign currency. They even offer a 10% Cashback on Health & Medicals like getting your eyes checked at an optician or visiting the dentist. And if you are a gadget freak, then consider that they give 10% Cashback on Electronic & Furnishing at Selected Merchants like Harvey Norman, Best Denki, Challenger, Ikea, Courts or Parisilk. Finally you can transit with ease with SimplyGo and save on the hassle of carrying a separate transit card or topping up stored-value transit cards, as you can use SimpleGo to tap & Go with your card for your bus and train rides.

    2019.08.01 6:28

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Earn rebates in the form of cash rebates and LinkPoints by shopping at NTUC

Even as the OCBC Plus! Visa is not a cashback card, thus there is no cap, or "maximum" cash back, you get to still earn rebates in the form of cash rebates and LinkPoints by shopping at NTUC. However do note that there is a minimum spend of $500 in places outside NTUC before the full range of rebates and LinkPoints can be unlocked.

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Zero Travel Related Online Merchants

The Citi SMRT card is a pretty decent card for spending but they unfortunately exclude travel related online merchants. This to me is the downside of the card and may be a reason to get another card for travel websites.

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Family Package Rewards

My family had a really fun time with the 10% off Siam Adventure Club Family Package Booking which came with breakfast for 2 adults and up to 2 kids with a Kids room setup in room and full access to kids activities. We even enjoyed daily evening drinks for whole family on selected menu from 5pm to 6pm.

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Looking to maximize on the number of priority pass visits and other privileges

If you are like me an HSBC Premier client and also a frequent traveller that can maximize the number of priority pass visits, limo and meet-and-assist services as well as your supplementary cardholders too, then this is the card for you. The reduced general mile earn rate is worth the trade-off for the unlimited priority pass memberships, as well as the high number of limo and meet-and-assist services that you can use.

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Poor and upleasant hotline

I am a fresh graduate and just started my first job, I signed up for this card due to the onetime $150 cash back reward for $800 spend within the first two months. However for its main monthly rewards, it is nothing to be pleasant about and the hotline is very bad, I even had to hold more than 20 minutes during non-peak hour.

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Pleasant Rewards

In my opinion, this card is one of the best cards in the market especially as there are no expiry date to miles earned and an amazing 2 VIP airport lounge access. I love the fact that the card can be used for major big ticket items and to clock mileage. Redemption can be done easily without hassle and customer service staff are very helpful

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