What is the safest bank to apply for a Debit Card?

I am about to file for bankruptcy but I've heard that there are certain restrictions once a person is declared bankrupt. I am curious about those restrictions and I want to find out more about them so that I could re-evaluate my current situation and think of alternative solutions before I file for bankrupptcy.

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    Singapore has been known to have the safest banks in the world. According to an article published in 2019 by Global finance, DBS bank holds the title for the safest bank in Asia for 11 consecutive years and the 15th safest bank in the world. DBS bank has also been recognized by Euromoney as the "Worlds Best Bank"

    2020.03.24 15:44

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    Standard Chartered is another name that has an expat banking programme to cater to expats’ needs allowing those on the programme to get their accounts set up prior to arriving in Singapore, and to remit money to overseas Standard Chartered account for free. The main drawback is the lack of Standard Chartered ATMs around, not easily accessable.

    An account aimed at parents who already have an existing Citibank account and wish to open one for their kids

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    This is an account aimed at parents who already have an existing Citibank account and wish to open one for their kids who are below 18 years of age. Technically, Citibank does not impose fall-below fees on the Junior Savings Account holders. So if your child is the only one in the family with a Citibank account, there will be no fall below fee. However, if you as a parent also have a Citibank account and the total relationship balance which is the total balance of parent and child combined falls below $15,000, then a service fee of $15 will be charged to the parent’s account.

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    I use Maybank SaveUp for their 3% interest very competitive rate plus $50,000 insurance. I also use it for savings and not so much for transactions, so I'm ok with the user interface & lack of ATMs. Plus, their Maybank Platinum Visa Card has no annual fee, provided there is at least 1 transaction every quarter, and gives 3.33% cashback on almost any category of $300 spending free.