Can I sue someone who is sabotaging my life?

There is a house next to us that is within our neighborhood. She is super annoying and irritating because she was always asking for compensation money for something like this or that. For example, there is this one time where she said that our cat destroyed her garden. She was always asking for money that almost all of my savings went in paying her. One time, we saw her just smashing her pots duwing the dawn. Then that morning, she was asking for compensation money again.

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    If proven guilty, she can be sued for violating the law. She was a scammer who committed fraud. Because of her dishonesty, there are pesons who has been hurt. Also, her way of gaining money is by scamming others which is done inappropriately. If there is a video or photos of what she has done, you can immediately file a case against fraudulent.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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