I am called to pay my debt earlier than the agreed time.

I have a debt borrowed from a company, we both signed to an agreed contract including the due date and all its benefits and cons if not paid within the given time. However, a month after I borrowed the money, I have received a letter that notfies me to pay my debts within a week. I was confused as I still have a month to pay and yet they are asking me to pay earlier than the due date. As I informed them upon the situation, they told me that it is what it is and I need to pay immediately.

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    A law exists in Singapore that is strictly states that certainty and completeness (Ch 08 Law of Contract) must be present in a contract before being agreed upon. Given that you and the company have agreed upon a specific time, they cannot and must not forced you to pay other than before or on the exact day of due date. Hence, if not followed or attended, the other party may file a civil suit for a breach of contract.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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