The atm is not functioning well

I am withdrawing a lot of money from this ATM machine from this specific bank. They just reloaded it with new money and I was the first one to withdraw from it. While withdrawing, I noticed that the money that I withdraw is not exactly what the machine gave me, and it was deducted to my account. How can this happened and what should I do?

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    When withdrawing money, make sure that the ATM machine is real and not a fake one. There are cases where the machines are faulty and gives the wrong amount of money that you are withdrawing. Sometimes it gives you more than what you punched in or sometimes it is less than what you punched. Always make sure too count your money first before leaving the machine. Always check you receipt if the money that has been deducted to you account is correct if not, call to the banks hotline number to report the incident and help you get your money back.

    2020.03.24 15:44

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